heard some non-savory comments from my family about my dear ball python so i was inspired to make some little psa’s about snakes!!! they are our scaly friends do not harm noodles
—> buy here as stickers or w/e you want!! also if you wanna use it on your blog feel free but pls credit me thank u \m/

Ball Pythons are like the chillest animal in existence I don’t even know how people can be scared or hateful towards them.





Sir Nicholas Winton is a humanitarian who organized a rescue operation that saved the lives of 669 Jewish Czechoslovakia children from Nazi death camps, and brought them to the safety of Great Britain between the years 1938-1939.

After the war, his efforts remained unknown. But in 1988, Winton’s wife Grete found the scrapbook from 1939 with the complete list of children’s names and photos. Sir Nicholas Winton is sitting in an audience of Jewish Czechoslovakian people who he saved 50 years before.


this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen



If you struggle with self-care and see this, stop what you’re doing


  • Have you eaten in the last 4ish hours?
  • Have you had something to drink today?
  • Can you have something, even if just milk or water or cup’o’noodles or toast with something yummy on it, if you haven’t, please? 
  • If you have any injuries, can you please take care of them for me
  • Also please take any meds if you should and haven’t, yet?

Whatever you have or haven’t done today just know you’re super strong and I am so proud of you

Okay you can go back to blogging now~ <3



me as a parent

Possible Hacker: AnnieBrightHands

Today, I received a fan mail from AnnieBrightHands, and following is the message:

The first reason I believe this is an attempt to hack or scam is because I am not following this person. The other? The time requirement, as if it needs me on the site long enough to catch me. And why would someone I follow message me personally? Why can’t they post it, and let their followers see all at once?

Anyway, I usually don’t do this but she seems so nice in this message, I’m sure someone would feel obliged to help her out. If she’s not a hacker or something like that, I apologize for the slander but this just seems too suspicious to me.



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